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We are a homecell based church. 

What is a homecell?

The Homecell is the basic building block of the Church, so much so that the Homecell is the Church and the Church is the Homecell.


Homecells meet on a weekly basis from house to house, and gather together at the Sunday Celebration Services

Cell + Celebration = Church

Just like in the human body where the cell is the smallest structure capable of maintaining life and reproducing, so the life in the Church is found in its Homecells.


Each Homecell is made up of 3 or more persons with a maximum of 15 who gather in homes on the weekly basis to enjoy the true Christian community. CRC has thousands of Homecells across the world, in different cities and neighbourhoods where small groups of people meet every week, planted within CRC to share, discover and support each other.


Here we grow and thrive with other believers to discover our potential and purpose through fellowship and by sharing the word received from Pastor Shawn on Sundays as well as fundamental Christian discipleship teachings.


By joining a Homecell you will not only receive support and form strong relationships, but you will be equipped and cared for by the church and leadership.

If you are not connected in a Homecell, please contact us or speak to one of the leaders after one of our Sunday services.

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